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Catapult your nursing career with a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Degree


Adarsha College  – Post Basic Bsc nursing colleges in Bangalore

The Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course is a preferred academic course in the nursing field. Students who have a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (DGNM) can pursue this course. It is a market oriented course which is for 2 years and gives a lot of value addition to the DGNM holder. Especially in metro cities like Bangalore there is a huge demand for nursing professionals and those with a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing can fit themselves into this niche.

Usually the class strength for the Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course is limited to around 45 and the course covers everything from Nursing Foundations to introduction to Nursing Administration and Research & Statistics.


Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Admission Criteria

This course is a higher education course and the student needs to meet the following criteria for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing admission –

  • Student should be a registered nurse as a R.N.R.M with the State Nurses Registration Council

  • Student should have completed the Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery

  • Student should not be more than 35 years of age

Most of the top leading nursing colleges in Bangalore offer the Post Basic course. They announce the admissions in newspapers and on their websites. Leading nursing colleges in Bangalore have a lot of competition and take in the best students with a good academic record.

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Admission Counselling

The Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course is a specialized course meant to impart special knowledge to existing diploma holders. As such most of the interested students are already working as nurses; this puts immense pressure on them to get admission into the course. If you are a working nurse and wish to pursue a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Program then you need to be aware of How to apply for Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course, this includes their admission process, course information and qualification.

The Best Nursing Colleges in Bangalore have either direct admission to the nursing course else they go through the counseling route. You need expert help for the counseling sessions as your decision will influence your career!

Duties and Responsibilities

The Post Basic B.Sc Nursing qualification equips you with a lot of technical knowledge and information. This will give you additional responsibilities within the framework of your hospital team. Since students of this course are taught subjects like Child Health Nursing, Nutrition & Dietics, Maternal Nursing, Medical & Surgical Nursing as well as Mental Health Nursing they are given more specific duties.

  • Their responsibility towards patients increases and are put in charge of patients with special needs

  • They are given tasks of hospital administration and management of nurses

  • They are often given a team of nurses to supervise

Career Options for Post Basic Bsc (Nursing) graduates

If you are a nurse with a DGNM and you wish to jump up the career ladder then you definitely need to look at getting a Post Basic B.Sc Nursing qualification.

There are fewer nurses who take the initiative to get themselves higher qualification and this will put you at an advantage compared to the other nurses. More responsibility and higher remuneration can be expected of nurses who have completed their Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course.

This qualification is also compulsory for going abroad and many countries do not accept just a DGNM. This is the perfect opportunity to widen your career horizon!

If you are looking forward to pursue a nursing course in Bangalore or looking out for a nursing college in Bangalore, do reach out to us and our expert counselors will help you choose the right course and college for a glorious career! Email us at info@adarshacollegeofnursing.com or give us a call on +91 90 08 72 50 10.